The patch is back!

The great question of the modern artist is and remains: how do we make modern art available for the masses? How do we entice them to enter an art gallery? And once they're in, how do we persuade them to buy what they like? For most people the price of the piece is an obstacle, because often it concerns a unique work. Centuries ago ways were found to duplicate: by woodblocks, silkscreens, etching. Prints in a limited number became the answer to the question. But still... The brains of the organizers of UNFAIR Art Fair are never quiet. In creative restlessness they pondered the age old question: How can we convince people to buy art? How do we make it available and affordable? For everybody. This is how I imagine that the discussions went:

- Mass production! suggests Aad

- That's not art! counters Peet

- But it's hand made! shrieks Aad

- We need a gimmick, ponders Peet

- A kind of limited mass production? asks Aad

- One hundred pieces is not mass production, states Peet.

- We bring back the patch! shouts Aad.

- WTF is a patch? asks an intern

- Where? asks another intern

- China! Aad and Peet shout

So five young artists sit down and create a handful of beautiful small works, like this one: Kidlings on a roll by Boris de Beijer. They send it to China and have them embroidered. The Chinese send the samples back and it's no good. Not enough stitches and the colors are off. And so it went back and forth a couple of times until it was perfect. Countless tiny stitches make the patch come alive. The colors are vibrant. No photograph can do it justice. It is just simply a beautiful piece of art.

With a very hot iron you glue it on your jeans jacket or on the back pocket of your jeans. But I will have mine framed. It's art, after all and it is gorgeous.

Go check out the site and buy your own for 18 lousy euro's. Be the art lover you always wanted to be.


© Uitgeverij Terebint