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For his friends and family who do not speak Dutch Joost Nillissen wrote a book in English. He wrote an outrageous roller-coaster of a story in which the author recounts the hilarious adventures of his alter ego, Mr Yosht, who inexplicably finds himself forced into a life of continual crime for which he turns out to be ill equipped.

Working as a courier for a local gang with immense aspirations Mr Yosht meets some unsavoury characters such as the one-eyed undertaker, Tiny Giant and Clean Mary. Others will become his friends and will eventually save his life: a retired classics professor, Pierre Hubnoth, who translates Aeschylus and likes to wear woman's clothes, and his friend, a Dominican monk, who likes to read Keats and quote Dante.

After the unfortunate death of Tony the Limp, the hero of this story has to run for his life because the Limp's widow, the formidable Irish Granny O'Malley, seeks revenge and has sworn that she "will find you and kill you".

Yosht's flight leads him via the ruins of a 14th century Cathar monastery in the Midi Pyrénées to a remote and deserted Andalusian village where in the end all the friends reunite and decide to make the village their new home. Plans for the future include a golf course, a spa and a roundabout nobody is enthusiastic about.

Just when things are looking up for Yosht Granny O'Malley comes knocking on his door...


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