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In this outrageous rollercoaster story Joost Nillissen recounts the hilarious adventures of his alter ego Mr Yosht, presented here as an elderly gentleman and a Dylanologist of some repute, who inexplicably finds himself forced into a life of continual crime for which he turns out to be ill equipped.

In sixty-nine short stories and drawings Mr Yosht encouters some unsavoury characters such as the one-eyed undertaker, Tiny Giant and Clean Mary. Others will become his friends and save hi slife: the indomitable, filthy rich retired classics Professor Pierre Hubnoth, who translates Aeschylus while wearing woman's clothes, and his friend Moshe Cohen, a Dominican monk who likes to read Keats and quote Dante.

250 pages
ISBN 978-90-8180-36-8-7
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A Life of continual crime - illustrated

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